Thursday, December 30, 2010

Name: Experience

Thats the name I was given. Ill give you three guesses as to why origin gave me that code name. Was it because I'm the Senior of the crew? Hell no, in fact I'm probably the youngest member on board. Was it because I Travel a lot? Well, I do travel, there is no lie there. However, that is not why i was given the name. Was it because i was the first one to lose my virginity? Ok, now you're not even trying.

Its because I'm the only member of this organization so far that has Seen Him. Yeah, thats right, the Slender man. He follows me around wherever I go. I'm the guy who does the field work. They tell me to observe a specific aspect of him, to try something and see the response He gives, and I have One day to do it.

Let me explain. Hopefully this will help our new reader, Mr. Locke, as well. I started seeing him a couple of years ago. Now, I was already reading a couple of slenderblogs. watching Marble Hornets. Keeping up with the Hybrids, So when I saw a overly tall man with no face wearing a suit, I didn't jump to the most insane conclusion that it was just some little prankster. I Knew my life was getting ready to change for the worse.

However, that does not mean I was prepared.

The first thing I decided to do was to get on the road. You can thank M for that. He seemed to be the most lucid victim who has had the longest life span so far, so he must be doing something right. However, I didn;t know how much of a bitch it was going to be to go from city to city with no resources what so ever. I just told my relatives that I was traveling to see the world. They tried to dissuade me but finally gave in. They gave me a little starting money So for the first few weeks I was able to get motel rooms, some food, I was able to survive. And, when he finally appeared again, I just skipped town. Headed south, west, north, it didnt matter, I just picked a road and got on it. However, that was when the voices started.

This is where I can get some help in for mr. Locke. DON'T listen to the voices. They arent what the claim to be. They arent the Slenderman, they arent some savior sent to guide you, they are just you. You see, As humans who live on this plane of existance, this universe, or this dimension, we are accustomed by the laws of where we live. Gravity, Physics, Science, they all work a certain way and they govern us. It is only though understanding these laws that we make sense of what we see. However, the laws of our existance go deeper than that. How we travel, how time works, how EVERYTHING happens is governed by the laws of existence. Our Minds can only process information on the bases of those laws. Thats how we percieve the world.

However, when we perceive information through our senses that doesn't correspond with the laws of our existence, our mind will still try to make sense of it through those laws. You see, the slenderman doesnt work in a way that we can comprehend. That doesnt mean he is above us, a higher being, or a god. He is just Different. The most different kind of different. When you see the slenderman move, operate, or are just near him and your sense pick up a smell that just couldnt exist, your eyes see a Fourth primary color, and your mind cant handle the idea of something that different. So it justifies it, tries to make sense of it. It portrays what your experience as magic, telepathy, a demon, ect. It differs from person to person. The voices that your hearing are just a construct of your mind TRYING to justify the impossible existance of the slenderman. Your brain is seeing that 2+2=3, and it cant stand it.

The worst thing that can happen is multiple personality disorder. Your brain will simply section off an area to store all the "Junk data" of the slender-man. All the rules that dont make sense, how it moves, what it does, are all partitioned to a certain area of the brain and that area developed its own personality. It is that sub-personalities job to deal with the impossibleness of the slenderman, which drives it insane. You are basically seeing an eldritch abomination, Go read up on the cuthullu mythos and you will begging to understand it better. Those books explain the idea of what the impossible can do to a mind way better than I can.

The most I can tell you to do is to try your hardest to just understand and accept that what the slenderman is is impossible. DO NOT TRY TO RATIONALIZE HIM. the more you try to make sense of him the more pressure you put on your mind. And that means that your mind will be easier to crack.

This was probably hard to understand, hell it was hard to explain. It all probably sounds like the babbling of a scatterbrain. Mostly because it is, but try to get something out of it.

...anyway, I got off topic. This blog is too long as it is. Ill continue my personal background experiences in a later post. Just remember locke, I got rid of the voices. I met origin and he told me how. IT took a bit, but i drowned them out, stopped trying to rationalize, and slowly the voices just stopped trying. I became a victor. So can you.

...Crap, hes here, outside the window. I have a day to observe. I gotta start packing. Ill continue later.

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  1. youhavebeenwaned foolish young ones

    keep running it wont help you anymore.