Saturday, January 22, 2011

Observations 2

This Post will list the observations that preceded the disappearance of Experience. It starts at 1 AM Friday Morning. Observations cataloged by Binary. 
[1] Static interference still pouring through Speakers.

[2] 2 masks from room 3 disappeared within the last hour. Chilling is the fact that its that No one ever sees what happens to them. They always disappear when no one is looking at the monitor for said room.

[2.30] Went back through the the footage from Room 3. Around 1:23, the camera glitches for about 30 seconds, the readjusts. The Mask is already gone after refocusing.

[3] Static has died down. More masks missing through.

[3.15] Something the window in Room 4, the Bedroom. Looks like a branch. Experience starts coughing in sleep.

[4] Nothing Spectacular. Experience still having coughing fits.

[5] More shadows from the windows. Branch shaped. Could just be the sunrise playing tricks with lights.

[6] Experience is awake. Makes breakfast. No static, no Shadows. Coughing has stopped since 5.

[7] Nothing spectacular.

[8] nothing spectacular

[9] nothing spectacular

[10] IT seems that Experience has noticed the missing masks. Looks stressed from the revelation. He has tried to get a hold of us several times. However, origin has suggested we not answer.

[11] Nothing has changed.

[12] Nothing has changed. Experience has seemed to calm down. Currently eating lunch.

[12.11] Coughing has resumed.

[12.15] Large amounts of static pouring through speakers.

[12.35] Camera 1 glitched. Heavily pixilated vertical lines appeared. Tall figure is seen standing in the main room through jumbled picture. Runner team has been dispatched.

[1] Figure is just standing there. Experience is still in the kitchen, unaware. Cannot get through to him do to interference. Team should have been there by now.

[1.11] Camera 1 completely blanks out for 20 seconds before showing a clear picture. Entire room is a mess. Scorch marks from some unseen fire ravage the room, at the same time it looks wet. All 30 masks from room now missing.

[2] Same thing happens from room to room. Cameras  2-4 blank out one at a time, and show same damage. Masks gone. Frantically trying to get a hold of Experience.

[2.15] Static goes quiet. Able to get a hold of experience, who is still in the kitchen, coughing heavily.  warn him about leaving the room.

[2.16] In the middle of contact, Static literally roars back up. All cameras glitch out and go dark.

[3] nothing

[4] Camera 5 starts back up. The one for the kitchen. Shows a tall figure standing in a wooded area. Pixelated glitches appear on screen. We do not have a camera set up in the woods.

[5] nothing

[6] Picture finally shows back up when the runners arrive on the scene. They believe to have only been traveling about 30 minutes. No sign of experience. Judgement decides to prep to search to wooded area on scene. Runner team reports the wooded area to be foggy.

The damage reported the entire structure suffered both Fire and Flooding damage. Cameras seem to be untouched. Since we have already begun the search for experience, who contacted us earlier today.

The Forest

I TOLD YOU IT WOULDN'T WORK! M was wrong. I told you he was. The Slenderman isn't as dumb as you think.

I woke up, in the forest. I don't even remembered what happened back at the house. All I remember is that everything went black. The sound..... it was like laughing, screaming, and coughing rolled up into one hideous sound. Im trying not to think to much about it, for sanities sake. Anyway, I woke up in this cabin like thing. Markings everywhere. I had all my stuff, and for some reason there is internet here. I don't understand it, am I close to the ciFUCK!

Hes here, I had to run, Found another shelter in the forest, same weird markings, the operator symbol, drawings of trees. Hehe, its funny that you type what your thinking, no matter if you want to or not. Maybe thats for the best though, your able to see th

Friday, January 21, 2011

Observations 1

This is Binary. I will Be keeping a log of notable observations of Experience and the Masked room. The observations started at 5pm Yesterday [thursday]. There will be a mandatory update every Hour and additional updates when something notable happens.

[5] Observations start, nothing out of the ordinary. Experience looks to be aggravated.

[6]Nothing notable. Experience trying to eat. Seems unnerved by the masks.

[7] Nothing notable

[8] nothing notable

[9] nothing notable

[9.35] Cameras 4, 6, and 13 have been producing odd signal glitches.

[10] Glitches still prevalent, But on different cameras. Seems to be only cameras that are filming the room that Experience is presently in.

[10.13] Increase in static from microphones all throughout the house.

[11]  Static

[11.45] all cameras blank

[11.46] cameras turn back on, nothing seems to be out of place.

[12] after full analysis, 3 masks in room 2 are missing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Masked Room

Ok, Seriously? This isn't a safe house. Where the Fuck did you send me, Origin. Its Just a house. Filled with masks. Why? You been reading up on M's Blog? Is this some sort of test about the mask theory? Ive told you that I don't think that works. Thousands of times.

And you had to pick a small house right NEXT to the woods. that just means that he WILL be closer, more likely to come....

Thats what you wanted wasn't it. ..It is one of your twisted experiments. its going to BE a failure, Origin. there is nothing that you will get out of this, except maybe one less runner.

and its in the middle of no where. There is no one in sight, no city, no town. YOU don't want to be alone when this happens. I don't want to be alone, when this happens. Collective mind theory! the more people in an area that believes he can't exist, the harder it is for him to enter...he will be here soon, and i will be here alone.

Oh...God no.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to die alone.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Continued Experience


Hey guys, I'm back. Boy, do I have some stories. Im in the next safehouse over now, its a tiny little town. Worst of all there are woods really close to here. He will probably come quicker this time. Man, I hate moving.

Anyway, I guess I didn't explain all that much in my last post. Sorry about that. I had to prepare to skip town...part of the incredibly horrifying job i guess...hehe.

First off, let me be a little clearer than i was last long was that ago. Man, traveling and being around Him really messes with your perception of time. Anyway, what i was trying to say was that our mind makes us go insane because it can't comprehend the physics and rules by which the slenderman being works while at the same time trying to make sense of it. The slenderman works on a different science and different math. In his plane of existence, 2 plus 2 could equal 0, and our brain doesn't like it.

So...just dont try to make sense of it. Understand that you cant. Force yourself to not think about how he works or why he does what he does, and force your mind to realize that there is no interpreting Him. After you do that, the voices die down. Your head might still get fuzzy when he is near, though, because  your subconscious is a rebellious thing that still wants to make sense of the world. Just don't think about it and get out of dodge as soon as you can so your mind can recoup. If you stay near him long, your mind will break, if you try to understand him or not.

Origin will post more about theories on how your mind deals with the slenderman later.

Back to my Backstory

But yeah, Ive been traveling for a while. When origin first picked me up and offered the safe houses, i jumped on it. I mean, I was expecting a large, basement type area that served gruel, but it was better than living under the overpass where he found me. I was surprised to learn that they were actual houses, ran by usually a couple. It never occured to me to ask why they ran these safe houses until lately. I just thought that Origin had them on the payroll. However, before I left after the last post, one of the family let it slip that they were volunteers.

Volunteers? What self respecting person would deal with crazy travelers on a weekly basis without pay. These people must be Saints or belong in an insane asylum along with me.

So I asked them...They told me it was for their son.

Son? I didn't see a child anywhere in the house. I mean....Oh...Oh God.

All of them. Every single family in charge of a safe house....Lost someone to them. Children taken from them by something they couldnt understand and never saw. Something their children probably tried to tell them about but they chopped it up to imagination....

I've been to over 50 safehouses so far..

Slenderman has to die.