Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Name: Antithesis

Dammit, I hate writing. I was never good at writing. The closest I came to a blog was a diary that my sister used to have. Dammit, "Origin" is such a tightass.

Alright, so here's the deal. The boss is saying that we all have to make the introduction pages in the blog, and that I was up next. So get out your reading glasses and pull yourself up a good chair.

I can't tell you my name. That was part of the "contract". I would complain, but I'm getting payed, so what the hell. Instead, you guys can call me, ugh, "Antithesis". Boss-man gave us the names. The "Origin" guy. Even his name is pompous. Anyway, yeah, the pleasantries.

I've never been big into the whole "supernatural" thing. Fuck, I didnt even read any of these "slenderblogs" at first. I'm what you would call a skeptic. I don't believe that any of these little stories are real. I mean, seriously, a haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge? How low can you get on the creepypasta totem pole. All these things are stories, imaginings thought up by incredibly talented, or incredibly deranged, people. Even the ones that seem somewhat legit can be explained without use of some tall man in a suit. Still, thats why I was hired. Im supposed to be the guy they can count on to "Point out the obvious." and debunk things that the others might jump on as completely supernatural. Thats the reason for the name, they give the theories, I give the "Antithesis". At least thats what Origin says. I think its because he's too busy trying to pull out that stick shoved up his ass that he can't think of better names.

Signed on for 1 year minimum, mr. Boss. I can say all I want until I find another job.

Anyway, I'm done with introductions. You'll learn more about me though experience.


  1. I see you didn't Hold back any on showing your personality. Good, it's little things like that that remind us that we are human.

  2. Human...You sure you're that, boss? You seem to be lacking that whole "personality" thing.

  3. You two seem like children, talking foolish with each other

    Children were unable to stop the Operator.

    Children only died in the Altar.

    I think I agree with Death's Price.