Friday, December 24, 2010

Holidays for All

We would like to think that even Slenderman, Ben, the Rake, and HABIT take a break in these most joyous of seasons. Merry Christmas And happy holidays from the Informants Crew.

"Be informed and Safe this Christmas." - Origin

"Happy holidays, Crazies. Go get stuffed and stuff" - Antithesis

"Hope you get some good tech for the holidays" - Binary

"Spend all the time you can with family while you can" - Experience

"Merry Christmas!" - Balance

"Don't Get drunk and do things you'll regret" - Judgement

"Uhh, they told me I could up some stuff up here too. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS! Remember not to take things too seriously and have some fun" - The Editor.


  1. Can you help me?? My name is Locke. You may have seen me commenting on M's blog.

    Wierd things have been happening to me (total memory loss, blacking out and waking up somewhere else, being stalked by some bald buinessman) and I need answers.

  2. Give up, Locke. They can;t help you.

    No one can.


  3. Ask questions, Mr. Locke, and we shall provide answers to the best of our abilities. - Origin

  4. I met Slender Man for the first time.
    Is he a telepath? When He came near I heard voices in my head. And When He touched me he gave me my memories back. Some of them anyway.

    Oh, and one of the voices is still talking in my head. He calls him sel

  5. Oops. i never finished. He calls himself Key.