Monday, October 3, 2011

They finally let me see the entire footage from that night. The one where I was...well...Lost for a bit. Got to listen to the audio from the search party too.

When I got to the next safe house, there was a Package already waiting for me. From Origin. In it was some flash drives. 2 of them, One was Experience surveillance and one was Search audio. I listened to the search audio First, I was there for what happened to me, and I really wasnt ready to relive it or learn some new, terrifying facts about what really happened. So, audio first.

My God.

You guys saw the transcripts, so had I, but hearing it is a whole other story. They were screaming, laughing, crying in the most inhuman ways...and I heard different voices. I had known most of the runners on those teams, you run in at crossroads every once in a while, but you learn to band together. But in a team of about 5 each, I head hundreds of screams, laughs, many that at first it just sounds like static. Which got me thinking...What happens when you are lost to him

Weve all seen the people who've lost their minds to him. They go crazy, spread messages, get more people to seek him out, to come to him. Thats become something of a common theme. But we know from old legends and even from the current ones that people have been completely lost to him, body and mind.

At first I thought that they were just killed. Legends of bags filled with body parts showing up in the woods were common. People died to the monster, like every other story. It was simple and we clung to it, we all clung to it, but maybe the truth is worse. Capture and taken to a dimension...whatever you want to call it that we dont understand, thats beautiful and terrifying to us.

The reason I'm thinking this is because what I heard from the audio. They described a place that made me feel...nostalgic. It felt familiar.

But, I'm rambling. And dinner is ready.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Experience I wish I could forget.

Hey, Its experience. That night was hell, so much so they wouldn't let me out of their site for, what was it, a year? Its hard to remember. I don't blame them though....I was in no state to be posting down Blogs. They moved me around, but I wasn't alone from now on. They always sent some others with me, no runners, just...Hired workers and some Therapists. I don't even remember the first month thanks to some HEAVY medication. I kind of appreciate it now, though. Probably would have killed myself otherwise..whose to say.

Finally got the clean bill of health though, and as fucking soon as I got it they sent me out to work again.

So Here I am, In starbucks, typing up a Blog, slowly making my ways to the next shelter, where I'll Get another laptop. I'm already starting to see him again. Just like old times, right?