Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Broadcasting. Network back up.

Let me tell you guys something. Our stuff here, this "Internet connection" and "Setup"...Basically its made of spare parts from, well, I really don't know what. Though I'm pretty sure its about 30 percent Microwave, with some bits of radio thrown in. Yeah, I'm the tech guy, and they don't get me any good tech to work with. Instead Im just supposed "Macgyver" it. Good news is, I can now set up a valid uplink with 5 pens, a rubber band, and a car battery.

So It takes a while to set up, then I have to maintain it. Every once an awhile you get some jerkass who spills coffee on the main server, but I manage. But a couple months ago, after Origin declared an order to shut down communications and focus strictly on recuperation of the runners and experience, and give everyone a break, a fire happens. Dunno what it was, faulty wiring wad definitively a possibility, especially in that place. Scorches everything, building collapses. 3 runners missing and all of my work, my set up just burned and smashed.

So we had to move, and when I asked for some resources to hook up another connection, I get thrown a bunch of parts that I can assume were found in a junk yard. We had runners going around to places they could keep up with the happenings going on. All the videos and blogs posted about things that are going bump in the night, but we couldn't post anything. Nothing to keep people updated. Origins orders.

But now I'm Done, And we Can get back to work.

You have no fucking idea how Ecstatic that makes me.