Friday, January 21, 2011

Observations 1

This is Binary. I will Be keeping a log of notable observations of Experience and the Masked room. The observations started at 5pm Yesterday [thursday]. There will be a mandatory update every Hour and additional updates when something notable happens.

[5] Observations start, nothing out of the ordinary. Experience looks to be aggravated.

[6]Nothing notable. Experience trying to eat. Seems unnerved by the masks.

[7] Nothing notable

[8] nothing notable

[9] nothing notable

[9.35] Cameras 4, 6, and 13 have been producing odd signal glitches.

[10] Glitches still prevalent, But on different cameras. Seems to be only cameras that are filming the room that Experience is presently in.

[10.13] Increase in static from microphones all throughout the house.

[11]  Static

[11.45] all cameras blank

[11.46] cameras turn back on, nothing seems to be out of place.

[12] after full analysis, 3 masks in room 2 are missing.


  1. That's a bastard thing to do.

    But we do need information.

    Couldn't you have chosen a willing volunteer?

    Either way, the missing masks are certainly intriguing. Is there anywhere the masks could have been hidden? Under beds or so forth...

  2. He was certainly willing when he signed the contract for the job. We all have to make sacrifices, Ms. Ava.

    About the masks, however. We have tried to get in contact with Experience, But the static interference is making it impossible to communicate through 2 way radio.


  3. Hmm. I can wholly understand that, after all poster child for that here. But the level of distress in his last post was...anything but willing.

    I hate to be a Missy Misanthropy, but he's probably not coming out of this with his sanity/life intact. Static interference is one of Slenderbender's signatures. I'm currently working on an early warning system and radio waves seem to work beautifully to alert.

    Any change?

  4. Uh...Sorry. They can't respond right now. Something happened. They are currently trying to find Experience.