Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Forest

I TOLD YOU IT WOULDN'T WORK! M was wrong. I told you he was. The Slenderman isn't as dumb as you think.

I woke up, in the forest. I don't even remembered what happened back at the house. All I remember is that everything went black. The sound..... it was like laughing, screaming, and coughing rolled up into one hideous sound. Im trying not to think to much about it, for sanities sake. Anyway, I woke up in this cabin like thing. Markings everywhere. I had all my stuff, and for some reason there is internet here. I don't understand it, am I close to the ciFUCK!

Hes here, I had to run, Found another shelter in the forest, same weird markings, the operator symbol, drawings of trees. Hehe, its funny that you type what your thinking, no matter if you want to or not. Maybe thats for the best though, your able to see th


  1. Shit.

    Look around you, what is there? Can you list it?

  2. Um, better question. WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR SKIN TAG TRACKING DEVICE! You fell off the map a couple of hours ago.

    Ug, Nevermind. Origin Is already sending In a team of volunteer runners to go in to scout the forest by the Mask House. Judgement Has decked them out with Combat Knives with Cast Iron Edging. Hopefully We wont have to find out if the FAE theory is true or not.

    - Binary

  3. Oh. Damn. Let's hope it's not a Not-Forest or a Not-Cabin.