Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out of Character Post for People Who Still Follow this Blog.

First off: This is out of character, So I would like all the comments on this blog post to also be as such. Do me a favor, will you? It won't break the illusion of the story if we all talk normally for a bit. You'll just be annoying if you go all "I NEEd YOuRE EyeS BEholder!" on us. Thanks.

Now, main talk time. All up in our business. First, If you need something to call Me, the author, and not one of the millions of characters I made for this blog, Just call me ProjectRyan. Pretty simple, and I use it as my internet handle most of the time so I'll respond to it. Feel free to use Project or Ryan for short.

Secondly, let me tell you how this blog started. I was only going to use this blog as an analysis thing for most of the Alternate reality games I was apart of. But, that got boring and I was looking for some story Ideas for table top games I was planning on running, so I decided to go that direction on this blog. Though, I never expected to get any followers. I mean, I know there is only 14 of you, but thats still pretty wow for me.

Sadly, though. I'm giving up this story, actually already have when I thought no one was reading. Due to a bit of lack of interest and the thoughts that everyone already did the Slenderman thing and Ten times better than I did. But it seems that some people still read, So I thought I would make a compromise:

Sounds in the Dark.

Its a story Idea that I've thrown around for a while now. A compendium of horror stories or psychological thrillers that I was planning on writing based on legends and some new Ideas that came from the terrible terrible thing I call my brain (with a lot of influence for World of Darkness).

It will be not on this blog or under this Username, For I'm trying to condense my life to One google account. Ill provide the link in the coming days when I plan to get started.

Honestly, I love horror, and entertaining others. So If i can do both, even if there are just 5 of you, Ill do it.

Sweet dreams kiddies, Feel free to ask questions.

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