Sunday, October 2, 2011

Experience I wish I could forget.

Hey, Its experience. That night was hell, so much so they wouldn't let me out of their site for, what was it, a year? Its hard to remember. I don't blame them though....I was in no state to be posting down Blogs. They moved me around, but I wasn't alone from now on. They always sent some others with me, no runners, just...Hired workers and some Therapists. I don't even remember the first month thanks to some HEAVY medication. I kind of appreciate it now, though. Probably would have killed myself otherwise..whose to say.

Finally got the clean bill of health though, and as fucking soon as I got it they sent me out to work again.

So Here I am, In starbucks, typing up a Blog, slowly making my ways to the next shelter, where I'll Get another laptop. I'm already starting to see him again. Just like old times, right?

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