Thursday, February 3, 2011

Search Operation

This is a record of the Conversations through radios communication and Bugs placed in their equipment during the search for "Experience".

4 groups of three runners each were sent into the forest where Experience was thought to have disappeared too.

Not that this will not include the entire weeks worth conversations, just the ones we deem important.

group one: Runners 20, 2, 5
group two: Runners 15, 13, 4
group three: Runners 6, 7, 11
group four: runners 1, 8, 3

[runner] - through microphone
{runner} - through radio Communication
[Runner 20]: I Dont like this forest, Reminds me of the one back at my parents house

[Runner 5]: Well, No shit. Its his forest, Its why I stick to cities.

[Runner 2]: Guys, would You Shut up and Continue searching, Experience is gone and we need to find him.

[Runner 20]: Yeah yeah, We protect our own. I know I know.

[Runner 5]: Hey is that, Is that a shack up there?

{Runner 5}: Hey, Binary, We seem to have found a shack up there, we are going to investiga*static*

{Binary}: We lost group one to static, Other groups be wary. Contact if you see a sign of group one.

{Runner 6}: Rodger

{Runner 15}: Gotcha

{Runner 1}: Yeah

[Runner 7]: What a dick, not an ounce of compassion in his voice at all.

[Runner 6]: Well someone has to remain calm, We know we cant be counted on.

[Runner 11]: Yeah yeah, lost time...

-The day passes, groups seem to have enough rations to stay out-

[Runner 15]:  I dont want to spend the night out here.

[Runner 13]: Yeah You just know that we are all going to be moved at some point.

-Days go By, the search's have turned up nothing so far, until-

{Runner 1}: Uh, Binary, We got ourselves and open field here.

{Binary}: Thats not possible, the area has been mapped out by the nearby city already. Its a dense woodland, no construction either.

{Runner 1}: Then What Are we staring at, its completely barren.

[Runner 8]: well there is one tree in the center.

[Runner 3]: Yeah, Its kind of beautiful.

[runner 1]: What are you guys talking about, theres not a tree the*static*

-5 minutes of static from team four pass--

{runner 1}: I see it now, the tree. Its...welcoming.

{Binary}: Team four, Do not go near the tree. Report back to base for psychiatric repair.

{Runner 1}: But he could be there, whos to say. We have to go there.

[runner 8]: Its soo beautiful, can't we just stay for a bit?

[Runner 3]: It sways so naturally...even without the win*static*

-we lose group 4 for 10 minutes through static-

{Runner 1:} Its not a tree! IT IS  BUT ITS NOT! HURR*static*

[runner 3]: *Hysterical laughter*

[runner 8]: Can't attack Him. Can't. No. Not.

-the transmissions from group 4 finally become nothing more than a garbled mess of laughter, static, and screaming.-

{Binary}: We have lost group 4. All other groups pull out of the forest.

-A couple of other days go by, the remaining groups are reorganized into a large single group, still their searches turn up nothing-




-A a week and 4 days into the search-

{Runner 5}: Yeah he is here.

{Binary}: Team one? Where are you? Whats your status?

{Runner 5}: (tone of confusion) Uh, At the shack we just told you about. You might want to take a look at this place. Its full of the masks.

{Binary}: You told me about that a week ago.

{runner 5}: Excu*static* me?

{Binary}: Shit, just get out of there, fast. Bring back experience too..we need to have him go through Psychiatric Stabilization.


Experience is currently back at a setup in a city that was the closest we could find to the forest. Group 4 has still not been found. Group 1 is still showing signs of lost time.  Experience is in a comatose like state, we are keeping an eye on him.

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  1. informant, if ur one you can give me info right????
    i need info on any sickness that conatins the following symptoms
    -black stitches that expand and cover the body
    -facial features disappearing
    -"static" feeling that occurs when he is near
    -holy water burning but can cause the first 2 to go away

    any info is much appreciated