Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sounds in the Dark

Thats the new Blog I started up. Now, I may continue this story I have set up at To The Informant someday. But for now, Most of my work will be focused there.

Nothing there yet, But I encourage anyone who is interested to follow and ask questions. Also, I know that the first post is kinda...meh...but its a filler post. Hopefully new content will be posted soon.

----project Ryan

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out of Character Post for People Who Still Follow this Blog.

First off: This is out of character, So I would like all the comments on this blog post to also be as such. Do me a favor, will you? It won't break the illusion of the story if we all talk normally for a bit. You'll just be annoying if you go all "I NEEd YOuRE EyeS BEholder!" on us. Thanks.

Now, main talk time. All up in our business. First, If you need something to call Me, the author, and not one of the millions of characters I made for this blog, Just call me ProjectRyan. Pretty simple, and I use it as my internet handle most of the time so I'll respond to it. Feel free to use Project or Ryan for short.

Secondly, let me tell you how this blog started. I was only going to use this blog as an analysis thing for most of the Alternate reality games I was apart of. But, that got boring and I was looking for some story Ideas for table top games I was planning on running, so I decided to go that direction on this blog. Though, I never expected to get any followers. I mean, I know there is only 14 of you, but thats still pretty wow for me.

Sadly, though. I'm giving up this story, actually already have when I thought no one was reading. Due to a bit of lack of interest and the thoughts that everyone already did the Slenderman thing and Ten times better than I did. But it seems that some people still read, So I thought I would make a compromise:

Sounds in the Dark.

Its a story Idea that I've thrown around for a while now. A compendium of horror stories or psychological thrillers that I was planning on writing based on legends and some new Ideas that came from the terrible terrible thing I call my brain (with a lot of influence for World of Darkness).

It will be not on this blog or under this Username, For I'm trying to condense my life to One google account. Ill provide the link in the coming days when I plan to get started.

Honestly, I love horror, and entertaining others. So If i can do both, even if there are just 5 of you, Ill do it.

Sweet dreams kiddies, Feel free to ask questions.

Monday, October 3, 2011

They finally let me see the entire footage from that night. The one where I was...well...Lost for a bit. Got to listen to the audio from the search party too.

When I got to the next safe house, there was a Package already waiting for me. From Origin. In it was some flash drives. 2 of them, One was Experience surveillance and one was Search audio. I listened to the search audio First, I was there for what happened to me, and I really wasnt ready to relive it or learn some new, terrifying facts about what really happened. So, audio first.

My God.

You guys saw the transcripts, so had I, but hearing it is a whole other story. They were screaming, laughing, crying in the most inhuman ways...and I heard different voices. I had known most of the runners on those teams, you run in at crossroads every once in a while, but you learn to band together. But in a team of about 5 each, I head hundreds of screams, laughs, many that at first it just sounds like static. Which got me thinking...What happens when you are lost to him

Weve all seen the people who've lost their minds to him. They go crazy, spread messages, get more people to seek him out, to come to him. Thats become something of a common theme. But we know from old legends and even from the current ones that people have been completely lost to him, body and mind.

At first I thought that they were just killed. Legends of bags filled with body parts showing up in the woods were common. People died to the monster, like every other story. It was simple and we clung to it, we all clung to it, but maybe the truth is worse. Capture and taken to a dimension...whatever you want to call it that we dont understand, thats beautiful and terrifying to us.

The reason I'm thinking this is because what I heard from the audio. They described a place that made me feel...nostalgic. It felt familiar.

But, I'm rambling. And dinner is ready.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Experience I wish I could forget.

Hey, Its experience. That night was hell, so much so they wouldn't let me out of their site for, what was it, a year? Its hard to remember. I don't blame them though....I was in no state to be posting down Blogs. They moved me around, but I wasn't alone from now on. They always sent some others with me, no runners, just...Hired workers and some Therapists. I don't even remember the first month thanks to some HEAVY medication. I kind of appreciate it now, though. Probably would have killed myself otherwise..whose to say.

Finally got the clean bill of health though, and as fucking soon as I got it they sent me out to work again.

So Here I am, In starbucks, typing up a Blog, slowly making my ways to the next shelter, where I'll Get another laptop. I'm already starting to see him again. Just like old times, right?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Broadcasting. Network back up.

Let me tell you guys something. Our stuff here, this "Internet connection" and "Setup"...Basically its made of spare parts from, well, I really don't know what. Though I'm pretty sure its about 30 percent Microwave, with some bits of radio thrown in. Yeah, I'm the tech guy, and they don't get me any good tech to work with. Instead Im just supposed "Macgyver" it. Good news is, I can now set up a valid uplink with 5 pens, a rubber band, and a car battery.

So It takes a while to set up, then I have to maintain it. Every once an awhile you get some jerkass who spills coffee on the main server, but I manage. But a couple months ago, after Origin declared an order to shut down communications and focus strictly on recuperation of the runners and experience, and give everyone a break, a fire happens. Dunno what it was, faulty wiring wad definitively a possibility, especially in that place. Scorches everything, building collapses. 3 runners missing and all of my work, my set up just burned and smashed.

So we had to move, and when I asked for some resources to hook up another connection, I get thrown a bunch of parts that I can assume were found in a junk yard. We had runners going around to places they could keep up with the happenings going on. All the videos and blogs posted about things that are going bump in the night, but we couldn't post anything. Nothing to keep people updated. Origins orders.

But now I'm Done, And we Can get back to work.

You have no fucking idea how Ecstatic that makes me.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Search Operation

This is a record of the Conversations through radios communication and Bugs placed in their equipment during the search for "Experience".

4 groups of three runners each were sent into the forest where Experience was thought to have disappeared too.

Not that this will not include the entire weeks worth conversations, just the ones we deem important.

group one: Runners 20, 2, 5
group two: Runners 15, 13, 4
group three: Runners 6, 7, 11
group four: runners 1, 8, 3

[runner] - through microphone
{runner} - through radio Communication
[Runner 20]: I Dont like this forest, Reminds me of the one back at my parents house

[Runner 5]: Well, No shit. Its his forest, Its why I stick to cities.

[Runner 2]: Guys, would You Shut up and Continue searching, Experience is gone and we need to find him.

[Runner 20]: Yeah yeah, We protect our own. I know I know.

[Runner 5]: Hey is that, Is that a shack up there?

{Runner 5}: Hey, Binary, We seem to have found a shack up there, we are going to investiga*static*

{Binary}: We lost group one to static, Other groups be wary. Contact if you see a sign of group one.

{Runner 6}: Rodger

{Runner 15}: Gotcha

{Runner 1}: Yeah

[Runner 7]: What a dick, not an ounce of compassion in his voice at all.

[Runner 6]: Well someone has to remain calm, We know we cant be counted on.

[Runner 11]: Yeah yeah, lost time...

-The day passes, groups seem to have enough rations to stay out-

[Runner 15]:  I dont want to spend the night out here.

[Runner 13]: Yeah You just know that we are all going to be moved at some point.

-Days go By, the search's have turned up nothing so far, until-

{Runner 1}: Uh, Binary, We got ourselves and open field here.

{Binary}: Thats not possible, the area has been mapped out by the nearby city already. Its a dense woodland, no construction either.

{Runner 1}: Then What Are we staring at, its completely barren.

[Runner 8]: well there is one tree in the center.

[Runner 3]: Yeah, Its kind of beautiful.

[runner 1]: What are you guys talking about, theres not a tree the*static*

-5 minutes of static from team four pass--

{runner 1}: I see it now, the tree. Its...welcoming.

{Binary}: Team four, Do not go near the tree. Report back to base for psychiatric repair.

{Runner 1}: But he could be there, whos to say. We have to go there.

[runner 8]: Its soo beautiful, can't we just stay for a bit?

[Runner 3]: It sways so naturally...even without the win*static*

-we lose group 4 for 10 minutes through static-

{Runner 1:} Its not a tree! IT IS  BUT ITS NOT! HURR*static*

[runner 3]: *Hysterical laughter*

[runner 8]: Can't attack Him. Can't. No. Not.

-the transmissions from group 4 finally become nothing more than a garbled mess of laughter, static, and screaming.-

{Binary}: We have lost group 4. All other groups pull out of the forest.

-A couple of other days go by, the remaining groups are reorganized into a large single group, still their searches turn up nothing-




-A a week and 4 days into the search-

{Runner 5}: Yeah he is here.

{Binary}: Team one? Where are you? Whats your status?

{Runner 5}: (tone of confusion) Uh, At the shack we just told you about. You might want to take a look at this place. Its full of the masks.

{Binary}: You told me about that a week ago.

{runner 5}: Excu*static* me?

{Binary}: Shit, just get out of there, fast. Bring back experience too..we need to have him go through Psychiatric Stabilization.


Experience is currently back at a setup in a city that was the closest we could find to the forest. Group 4 has still not been found. Group 1 is still showing signs of lost time.  Experience is in a comatose like state, we are keeping an eye on him.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Observations 2

This Post will list the observations that preceded the disappearance of Experience. It starts at 1 AM Friday Morning. Observations cataloged by Binary. 
[1] Static interference still pouring through Speakers.

[2] 2 masks from room 3 disappeared within the last hour. Chilling is the fact that its that No one ever sees what happens to them. They always disappear when no one is looking at the monitor for said room.

[2.30] Went back through the the footage from Room 3. Around 1:23, the camera glitches for about 30 seconds, the readjusts. The Mask is already gone after refocusing.

[3] Static has died down. More masks missing through.

[3.15] Something the window in Room 4, the Bedroom. Looks like a branch. Experience starts coughing in sleep.

[4] Nothing Spectacular. Experience still having coughing fits.

[5] More shadows from the windows. Branch shaped. Could just be the sunrise playing tricks with lights.

[6] Experience is awake. Makes breakfast. No static, no Shadows. Coughing has stopped since 5.

[7] Nothing spectacular.

[8] nothing spectacular

[9] nothing spectacular

[10] IT seems that Experience has noticed the missing masks. Looks stressed from the revelation. He has tried to get a hold of us several times. However, origin has suggested we not answer.

[11] Nothing has changed.

[12] Nothing has changed. Experience has seemed to calm down. Currently eating lunch.

[12.11] Coughing has resumed.

[12.15] Large amounts of static pouring through speakers.

[12.35] Camera 1 glitched. Heavily pixilated vertical lines appeared. Tall figure is seen standing in the main room through jumbled picture. Runner team has been dispatched.

[1] Figure is just standing there. Experience is still in the kitchen, unaware. Cannot get through to him do to interference. Team should have been there by now.

[1.11] Camera 1 completely blanks out for 20 seconds before showing a clear picture. Entire room is a mess. Scorch marks from some unseen fire ravage the room, at the same time it looks wet. All 30 masks from room now missing.

[2] Same thing happens from room to room. Cameras  2-4 blank out one at a time, and show same damage. Masks gone. Frantically trying to get a hold of Experience.

[2.15] Static goes quiet. Able to get a hold of experience, who is still in the kitchen, coughing heavily.  warn him about leaving the room.

[2.16] In the middle of contact, Static literally roars back up. All cameras glitch out and go dark.

[3] nothing

[4] Camera 5 starts back up. The one for the kitchen. Shows a tall figure standing in a wooded area. Pixelated glitches appear on screen. We do not have a camera set up in the woods.

[5] nothing

[6] Picture finally shows back up when the runners arrive on the scene. They believe to have only been traveling about 30 minutes. No sign of experience. Judgement decides to prep to search to wooded area on scene. Runner team reports the wooded area to be foggy.

The damage reported the entire structure suffered both Fire and Flooding damage. Cameras seem to be untouched. Since we have already begun the search for experience, who contacted us earlier today.